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Woolly Hat Recording Studio is a welcoming,

creative space for singer-songwriters who want to make radio-ready music!


What Makes us Unique?


We have everything you need to record the very best version of your songs. Our gear includes:

  • Soundproof recording facility

  • Audio Technica AT4033A 

  • AKG C1000S condenser

  • Custom-built electric (seymor)

  • Simon & Patrick vintage acoustic guitar

  • Fender Squire P Bass

  • Cort M200 electric

  • CME 80 Fully weighted keys

  • Noctern 49 midi controller

  • Adam Audio Speakers W/ sound ID intelligent EQ

  • A top spec workstation equipped with a wide variety of vsts's, sounds and plugins, hand picked by our engineer.



We love great music and a great mix separates the best from the majority. Don't throw away a great track with a "bedroom' mix. See our work below for examples of previous happy clients. We offer remote mixing as well!


One of the best feelings for an artist is to see their creation "come to life" with the power of additional musical production. Written a great track with just a guitar/piano? Let us take your track and lets

create something worthy of radio play together



With regular podcast recording and editing, including for BBC radio -  we have all you need to record and mix Grade A audio for streams , playlists and radio play.



Full Production

Full Production

- Tomska
- Witchella

Mix and Master

- Taspistri

Full Producton

- CP




Woolly Hat Recording Studio is run by Alasdair Gorniak and is based in the heart of the south downs.

"I'm passionate about helping singer-songwriters create incredible music, combining their love of songwriting, with my passion for great recording and production.

I've been recording, producing and mixing for the last decade, and have been playing music for the last 20. I've been entered in mixing competitions and worked on tracks by Katy Laurel, Cat Jr. Collins, Witchella and many others, with great results in both the recording and mixing avenue."


What about other clients?

Every project gets my full attention without compromise, so you don't have to worry about the "competing projects" hurdle that some studio's fall short at. We recognise and honour the work every person who comes through the door has done and will treat each session as so



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"Fortunate are those who take the first steps" - Paulo Coelho