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Recording Studio Checklist

Everything you need to know to prepare for your session at Woolly Hat.

1. Practice as much as possible during the days/weeks before the session. Being well-rehearsed is essential!

2. If you're planning on adding other instruments, make sure you have practised to a click beforehand

3: Wear comfortable clothing. It'll help you feel relaxed and creative!

4: Make sure you've had a good nights sleep the night before.

5: If you're a guitarist, make sure you've got some fresh strings on for the best sound possible.

A fresh 12v battery wouldn't go amiss either (we all know they run out at the worst times).

6: Have lyrics printed out or emailed to yourself so you can read them from a device.

7: We'd recommend trying not to consume dairy products within four hours of your session. It will cause a build-up of sticky saliva in your mouth/throat and make it more difficult for you to sing clearly.

8: And try warming up your voice before you arrive too!

9: Don't worry about bringing water. We'll provide water, tea, coffee, juice, beer, etc etc.

10: Have a good time. We'll do the best we can to make sure you have the most relaxed and creative time possible when you come so don't overthink things. Now, let's make some great music together!