"Amazing venue..amazing work 

    - Jack R 

"Friendly..Relaxed, Professional

     - Nika S



Tucked away in the heart of the Surrey hills, Woolly Hat Recording Studio is a warm, professional space stocked with all you need to bring your idea's to life.


We offer great mixing services to our recording clients and those who record remotely. Don't throw away a great track by getting a half assed mix elsewhere - see our work for examples of previous happy clients.


We continue to get requests for in-game music and instrumental creation. Check our portfolio for examples of what we can offer you. Got an idea that needs some work? We assist with the song-writing process when required as well.


With regular podcast recording and editing, and work with BBC radio 4, we have experience and equipment to suit your spoken work recordings.


At woolly hat, we have a dedicated tracking facility, acoustically treated and with a range of equipment to record your next project at industry standards.



Women and Wine

Women and Wine - Mixing/Editing
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Angels Dance

Angels Dance - Produced/Mixed
00:00 / 00:00

The Call

The Call (extract) - Produced/Mixed/Edited
00:00 / 00:00

Night Rider

Night Rider - Produced/Mixed for Game
00:00 / 00:00


Woolly Hat Recording Studio is run by Alasdair Gorniak , based in Haslemere, Surrey, and has been up and running since December 2018.

About myself:

I've been producing and mixing for the last 5 years, and have been playing music for the last 14. I've been entered in mixing competitions and worked on tracks by Katy Laurel, Cat Jr. Collins, Tapistri and many others, with great results in both the recording and mixing avenue!

Tell me about woolly hat!

The studio makes use of an acoustically treated sound-booth to capture the warmest vocal recordings, and the desk it set up with many digital plugins to enhance your tracks and take them to their next level. We are equipped with professional microphones, instruments and equipment to ensure you get the best out of your work.

What about other clients?

Every project get's my full attention without compromise, so you don't have to worry about the "competing projects" hurdle that some studio's fall short at. We recognise and honour the work every person who comes through the door has done, and will treat each session as such!

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